Sunday, May 06, 2012

On verra, ce qu'on verra!

I cannot say that I am enthusiastic about Francois Hollande winning today. When Mitterand triumphed I was initially very optimistic, although less so as the quinquennat ran its course. 

Then five years ago the idea that France could see Ségolène Royal enthroned in the presidential palace was one which I hoped might be creatively disruptive. 

In the end I trust that the huge majority of the French will carry on as before, in complete disdain for anyone seeking to control their destiny from Paris.

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jaydubinc said...

Europeans watching the Euro crisis from afar tend to see the problem as endemic. A grand experiment with worthy objectives doomed to fail because unlike the united States there is no united Europe: just a diverse group of countries with hopelessly different ways of doing or not doing things. Perception from here is that AM is trying to instigate European debt servitude and thus achieve what a predecessor of hers failed to do with an army. Probably most unfair but just watch Jon Stewart on Comedy Cental TV if you don't believe me.