Sunday, May 06, 2012

Stroke 2012 - 1

After last year's edition of the Stroke art fair in Munich I bogged of the efforts of the Swedish-German duo improbably named Ebba and Gepetto who made it their mission to redefine the trouser.

On Friday evening at the 2012 Stroke event (located this year very centrally on a delightful island in the middle of the Isar River) Patrick... the German of the pair... was resplendent in a further example of 'pants pioneering', clearly inspired by Bavaria. 

"Blue jeans have ousted the Alpine lederhosen from the Bavarian scene. Right on time for the annual beer fest season the Munich-based designer duo from Ebba and Gepetto have declared war on the classic five-pocket and are giving the lederhose a contemporary makeover with their 'Oipnglügg' (translates as "Alpine joy").

And this is what it looks like... made of high-quality 13.5 ounce denim, the 'Oipnglügg' looks like a mix of traditional lederhose and the Geppebba classic, the drop-crotch trousers. The unisex trews are embroidered with agave cactus flowers and sun motifs and come equipped with deep pockets in which either a beer pitcher or a large bottle of Jägermeister would fit comfortably. And in a smaller pocket in the inside flap there is room for some snuff or other herbal products."

I would suggest that 'herbal products' are certainly part of the story.

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