Thursday, June 07, 2012

Holiday video


Today we have yet another public holiday in Bavaria, and as so often it has taken me by surprise. But I think I have found a way to make the day a bit special. The barbershop harmony ensemble Herrenbesuch will be appearinf live tonight and I think I may well attend their concert.

In the embedded clip they sing München Mein (My Munich).

Our Munich is indeed a puzzling place sometimes. The city is an island of liberal progressive social democracy in the state dominated by a very conservative right-wing political party and by the Catholic church. We have the latter to thank for all these high and holy days, so many of them timed perfectly to permit long, sunny, summery weekend breaks.

And yet Munich is also to be the latest site for a Spencer Tunick photo event scheduled for later this month. Far more people than the photographer needs have signed up, willing to have their naked bodies daubed with paint for a mass installation in front of the Opera House in the middle of town.

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