Friday, July 13, 2012

Motor city Munich

As a non-driver I am baffled. Our local automobile manufacturer, BMW, is exceedingly innovative. Their 'iDrive' system will now include three-dimensional birds' eye views on the navi which might come in handy for pilots of microlite aircraft or hang-gliders. How on earth are motorists expected to keep their eye on traffic when there are such God-like views of our city to be admired on the dashboard monitor?

Munich drivers should also watch out for the forces of law and order cruising in souped-up Minis like the one below. No reminder needed that the iconic British marque also belongs to BMW. We know also that Riley, Austin-Healey and Triumph are also badges the Bavarian car maker could decided to resuscitate.

Aaargh, 'fings ain't wot they used to be. the first police squad car I recall was a Wolsley with a Winkworth bell, not a siren! Such elegant, nay, arresting lines, what?

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