Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Writing matters


I found the fake commercial wonderfully witty. And then I started thinking. This whole 'mummy porn' genre, I must admit I didn't see it coming. (Okay, perhaps not the best word choice!)

But hang on... none of my own manuscripts... whether film scripts or novels... are exactly family fare. Looking back seven years to my efforts to self-publish Sex & Drugs & Profiteroles I even included a 'mature content' advisory on one of the web pages... and the tag cloud tells its own story, hinting that the content could possibly have to do with things a bit naughty.

Although Golden Dawn is the only novel I have uploaded to Kindle (a one-way transaction, given that seemingly nobody has downloaded it in spite of the exhortation in the left column of my blog page) I could in fact quickly have a total of seven titles ready for publication... the most recent, Manduvel; being on schedule for completion by the end of August.

Now I wonder of the Amazon algorithms take into account the number of titles for a specific author. Is a series... and my stories are in a sense serial with people and places recurring... likely to be more visible for Kindle browsers?

I'm not at all sure that having seven books available at $2.99 will make any difference whatsoever, but it seems to me that effort devoted to final editing and the configuration of a collection is something I should try..

On verra, ce qu'on verra.

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