Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Schwabing bomb

Yesterday's excitement is reported in full here

City officials in Munich estimate that 2,500 unexploded bombs are still buried in the Bavarian capital. "They are spread out across all of Munich," Bernd Plank, a city official, told the local Abendzeitung newspaper.

One of them happened to be about a hundred about a hundred metres from the delicatessen which was my destination yesterday afternoon. But busses were re-routed, U-Bahn stations closed and trams cancelled. 

Okay, I got my cheese somewhere else!

As a result of the imposition of a very large security zone the traffic chaos was enormous, with grid-lock right into the late night hours. Finally a controlled detonation was made shortly before ten o'clock, the explosion heard far across the north of the city. It seems that it was a big 250 kilo bomb and one which could not be rendered harmless using conventional methods.

I must admit I am happy that there are no major building sites near my flat, no busy bulldozers likely to turn up dormant ordinance.

Many buildings were damaged as a result of the controlled detonation. One housed the headquarters of Germany's leading move production concern, Constantin Film (image below). One suspects that the term blockbuster may be subject to review.

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