Friday, December 21, 2012

Winter solstice

Must be noted... as every year... that as of today the days will once again be lengthening.

Must be explained... the longest break in blog posting since I started sharing my thoughts with a handful of loyal readers. The reason is that I have been working very hard to fulfill the wish expressed by my daughter... that I should write a memoir, to make some kind of sense out of what I have experienced in over seven long decades. A mammoth undertaking, for I find it impossible to tell any kind of story without using images. Thus I have been spending hours going through my archives to find relevant photos, exploring Google StreetView to find many of the places where I have lived over the years, scouring the Web to find illustrations expressive of the mood of an era.

The whole thing is still a 'work in progress', the 140 pages completed reaching only to the autumn of 1968. But is is an undertaking which I am finding increasingly fascinating.

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