Thursday, February 20, 2014

Today and yesterday, indeed!

from The Guardian
"David Bowie used his platform as the winner of the best British male solo artist on Wednesday night to make an unexpected intervention in the the debate over Scottish independence. In a statement delivered by the model Kate Moss, who accepted the prize for him, Bowie said, 'Scotland, stay with us."

Well,Mr Jones is entitled to his opinion, although it is not one I share. 

Widely noted is the fact that last time Bowie won this accolade was thirty years ago, back in 1984. By pure chance I found a copy of Music on Video magazine (Volume One, Number Two, April 1984), a publication from the time a decade before the advent of the DVD when selling VHS tapes of music content was the absolute latest thing.  The following news item appeared on page three...

I remember being relieved that fifteen years after we made Love You Till Tuesday in 1969 it was finally going to be released.

"Love You till Tuesday was a promotional film designed to showcase the talents of David Bowie, made in 1969. The film was the latest attempt by his manager, Kenneth Pitt, to bring Bowie to a wider audience. Pitt had undertaken the film after a suggestion by Gunther Schnedier, producer of German TV show ’4-3-2-1 Musik Für Junge Leute’ for the ZDF network."

The above from a web page I just found and which has some good photos from the production. 

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