Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Play power

In The Guardian Ben Walters writes... 

"The way forward is found in the hybrid, the mutant, the absurd – the different.And this is where the comparison with Occupy comes in. The value of that movement wasn't in its ability to present a viable alternative model for the organisation of society. Clearly, it hasn't done that. Its value was in its insistence that it's worth exploring the options. 

The Lego movie is a celebration of the untrammeled imagination, the urge to have fun jumbling ideas together and finding meaning in the mess, however unconventional. It's a quintessentially childlike sensibility, and one we could all use a bit more of."

I am reminded of the book written in 1970 by Richard Neville, Play Power, discussed here at length by Clive James.

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Jessi said...

A must-see it seems!