Saturday, March 29, 2014

Och aye!

"America must say no to Scottish independence now!"

The 'Better Together' campaign has vehement support from 'across the water', although this time it is not the Jacobites causing the fuss. The support in this instance comes from a thoughful and surprisingly articulate commentator on the far side of the Atlantic, whose views I will not attempt to refudiate but will simply cite in brief from the post brought to my attention.

"A closer look at the specific parties agitating for this upheaval shows that socialism is crucial element of this agenda. It is interesting to note that the Scottish ploy for independence includes many socialist goals, such as minimum wage schemes and nationalized childcare. We, as Americans, have a responsibility to stop the rise of socialism all over the world, and that includes in anarchy-prone provinces like Scotland."

The writer, tells us he is an American patriot... preparing his family for the national apocalypse. He gives thanks to the Founding Fathers, President Reagan and Jesus Christ for the opportunity to share wisdom with every member of the his community of readers.

"While we appreciate the Scottish people as individuals, they lack the maturity, depth and strength to operate as a nation in the sophisticated world of global geopolitics."

There is the irony that several of the Founding Fathers were of Scottish descent with nearly half the signatories of the Declaration of Independence claiming Scottish ancestry.

But sometimes mere facts do tend to get in the way, don't they?

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