Friday, May 23, 2014

Summery pleasures

It was certainly no hardship to enjoy a long evening in the open air with the ladies. Although they pointed out that at my advanced age I should not wear pale grey but should make sure that my outfit includes a bright colour accent in order to ensure that I do not fade into the background with my monochrome decrepitude!

I shall do my best to comply, of course, although I must admit to a real nostalgia for all those summers when being 'on holiday' and 'being clothed' were truly oxymora.

Still, even if this summer the view from my flat is of the balconies of the post-war block across the street and not of the sea from the perspective of la Ponche, the tiny bay tucked just round the corner from the bustle of the Vieux Port in Saint-Tropez, it is a joy to be free of winter jackets and such.

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