Monday, July 07, 2014

Ey up!

I must start with a disclaimer... my mother came from Yorkshire. In the past it was very common that Scots took their summer holidays on the Yorkshire coast. And so it came to pass that my Scottish Pa met my Yorkshire Ma!

It is also known to my readers that I am a francophile and was for years a huge fan of the Tour de France. I particularly thrilled to the breathtaking aerial views of the landscape captured as the peloton or a breakaway group passed this or that magnificent chateau or monastery or swerved through an ancient village.

Now not only millions of French viewers but also a global television audience has been given the chance to admire the beauty of Yorkshire countryside.

Of course le Tour brings to light some amusing anomalies. I wonder what they made in Ilkley of the caravane publicitaire? Are the locals rushing to the supermarket to look for the sausages made by Cochonou? Probably not, this is one of the many sponsors whose products and services are targeted to the French.

While looking into this a bit further I stumbled on an additional nugget of information. This oh-so-French saucisson is manufactured by a company now owned by the Chinese Shuanghui investment fund!

Will there be a Grand D├ępart in China one day?

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