Monday, July 14, 2014

Mia san mia

from Deutsche Welle...
"It's hard not to think simultaneously of Bayern Munich when thinking of Germany. In the 2014 World Cup final, six of Germany's starting eleven were Bayern players and there was a total of seven in the squad. That seventh, Mario Götze, came off the bench to win Germany the title. Bayern Munich's grip on the national team is so great that the 2014 triumph has been labeled as the Bayern Munich cup. Captain Philipp Lahm is perhaps the most intelligent player in the world, while Manuel Neuer is beyond doubt the best goalkeeper. Thomas Müller hunts space like no other and Bastian Schweinsteiger's heart beats the loudest in a team of pride. And with a similarly possession-heavy style and captain Lahm in midfield, Germany were even playing like their leading club."

This was celebrated by over 80 thousand fans on the main boulevard of our Schwabing neighbourhood until the wee hours!

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