Sunday, October 19, 2014

Building site progress

I continue to monitor the visible signs of refurbishing at Kurfürstenplatz where Brasserie Schwabing is beginning now to take shape. The gaping arches in the walls now have glazed windows. I welcome the fact that they have decided to locate the entrance to the premises on the axis of the gable (the red line above). Before one gained access through the narrower and lower opening two to the right. However the sketch is misleading, since now all of the arches (with the exception of the one on the extreme far right) are now as wide and tall as the dominant middle three.

The window and door frames have a very business-like contemporary look and I wonder if the designers have opted to avoid any 'faux French' flourishes inside. In a way that would be a shame... however much I value honesty and authenticity, I think there is a place for fantasy and escapism as part of the restaurant experience.

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