Thursday, October 23, 2014

Outed! "Gratuitous nudity"!

The web is generous with surprises. In the process of setting up my page on Author Central, the Amazon self-promotion feature for writers, I was prompted to claim the authorship of works which were properly mine. This was not at first a simple procedure, but the glitch was remedied overnight by a helpful Amazonian! It will soon be the case that my four self-published Kindle editions will be correctly linked and attributed.

But while the system was searching for traces of my creative output I was astonished to find myself correctly credited as co-author of 'Erinnerungen an Bilitis' published in 1977.

True, almost half a lifetime ago I was telling stories, although back then they were not limited to narrative prose. The book in question was an album of photography derived from the movie 'Bilitis'. In those days my storytelling involved pictures, sound and the moving image.

Is this irrelevant to the writing I have been engaged in more recently? Far from it, as I feel now obliged to confess. There are in truth links between then and now. My first Kindle outing was in fact with my novelization of a screenplay I had written earlier. An affronted reviewer of 'Roseate Dawn' complained that "The characters are constantly tossing off their clothing to prance about naked, especially when they smoke copious amounts of pot." Well, in the seventies we indulged in such enjoyable excesses! And, yes, the criticism cited above could apply to most of my stories... there is that recurring sub-text, a leitmotif which I have no intention of abandoning. 

Be reassured, however, for public readings I turn up correctly dressed and completely non-intoxicated.

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