Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Strange dream

Cod with haricot beans is not a dish that I am aware of having sampled ever in my long life. Strange, then, that I woke from a dream with exactly that in my mind. Not quite like the version illustrated... mine included with the beans finely diced carrots and it was all slathered with a parsley cream sauce! Could it be that my sub-conscious is rebelling after years and years of gastronomic monotony? The day's simple meal at suppertime consisting of crackers and cheese (plus paté and wine) has one advantage, however, over dishes served in a restaurant.  When I feel no longer hungry I simply stop eating and nothing whatsoever gets wasted. In a restaurant I always feel I have to make pathetic excuses when I fail to clean my plate. Vanity does not permit me to order a 'Seniorenteller', a portion of reduced size for old codgers.

But cod with haricot beans does sound good, does it not?

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