Thursday, November 06, 2014

Neighbourhood news

Readers may well be tiring of my obsession regarding the refurbishment of what used to be my favourite hangout, soon to open as Brasserie Schwabing. The end of the story is approaching. I noted yesterday that the openings in the facade, several of which have been significantly enlarged, have now been given their decorative plaster-work surrounds, even with delicate stucco ornamentation of the arch keystones. All in all, a tasteful renovation.

When I stroll through my 'village' (which these days I seem to leave only rarely) I regularly pass premises which used to be a retail outlet but now house an advertising agency. What used to be a shop window now gives the passer-by a view of a very modern conference room. But it is on the ledge behind the glass that the agency demonstrates a wonderful sense of humour. Each day there is a new 'mise en scène' with two Buzz Lightyear action figures. And the daily performance never fails to make me grin. The selfie is bliss!

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Jessi said...

What great illustrations!