Friday, November 14, 2014

Writing matters

Forwards! There’s no going back! I am coming to the end of yet another edit of my "Chance of Reign" manuscript. Further fact-checking of trivia for the year 1936 in Germany was no chore, given that I love doing research. There were sentences I had written which hinted that I have been living perhaps too long among the Hun. The edit was an opportunity to consider word choices, to make sure that none of the dialogue sounded too jarringly modern.

I must admit that there is a temptation to undertake yet another edit, but it would be for the wrong reason. Basically I think I am putting off the upload to Amazon. The Kindle Direct Publishing platform will allow me to add "Chance of Reign" to the other 2.5 million ebooks up there in that cloud. And in that mysterious place there is every chance it will remain as undiscovered as my other titles. This I find rather depressing, since this is my most ambitious project to date and I am more or less pleased with the end product. I really want the story to find readers.

I guess the moment will come when I feel able to let it go forward. But maybe it won't be tomorrow! 

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