Thursday, December 04, 2014

Holiday offer!

Yes, free!

Finally I have uploaded Chance of Reign to Amazon where it should appear latest at the weekend as a Kindle edition. In the fond hope that the story will find readers there will be a promotion running for five days from Nikolaustag! So it can be seen as a Christmas season gift, I suppose, in the 'something I made myself' category.

Below once again the blurb which will, I hope, intrigue at least a handful of readers:

"1936 was two years before Neville Chamberlain promised ‘peace for our time’ when he returned from his meeting with Adolf Hitler in Munich. It was the year of grandiose Olympic Games in Berlin, where visitors from all over the world were invited to experience for themselves a bold new Germany, not yet to be seen by most for what it would become. And it was the year when England had a new, slightly puzzling King, not yet crowned. The ambivalence and confusion of 1936 is symbolized by a monument which to this day stands on the flanks of a mountain in the Black Forest, in south-west Germany. It commemorates five English schoolboys who perished when an accident of the weather turned an Easter school trip into a storm-lashed icy hell. The memorial was erected by the Hitler Youth organization and is known as the Engländer Denkmal. Chance of Reign takes this real-life incident as the starting point of a story, imagining a fiction with its beginning at Easter 1936 and ending on the opening day of the Berlin Olympics, the 1st of August of that unusual year. On that day the weather was unsettled. There was the chance of rain."

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