Saturday, January 31, 2015

January plaint

I'm glad to see the 'back' of this month! For most of the time I have endured well-deserved discomfort as a result of spending days hunched over my venerable laptop, over time even with reading glasses needing to be ever closer to the screen. As a result even the three block walk to the supermarket is an uncomfortable excursion, undertaken with gritted teeth and pauses en route.

The only upside of all this is worth mentioning. I have never been what one would call a pet lover. However recently my enterprising ex, Mickey, has been working from time to time in an office near my flat where Felix is not welcome. Might I dog-sit for a few hours? In return she's done the shopping for me a few times. And I have learned that Felix can be a charming and undemanding companion. Result!

Nevertheless when finances permit I shall get rid of the old laptop and acquire a computer which permits an ergonomically correct posture... and probably have my eyes checked, too.

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