Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Interesting days

Were the United Kingdom still my home, tomorrow I would be on my way to a polling station to cast my vote. I would be one of the millions fully aware that this year’s election is quite without precedent and that the astounding range of possible outcomes almost defies imagining. I would be obliged to look beyond the kind of easy choices I would have made in the past.

I have always found that one or other ‘left of centre’ agenda best corresponds to my own convictions. In Germany my vote would have been cast for Helmut Schmidt. In France I would have been hopefully Mitterandiste in the 1980s. I would certainly have given New Labour a chance.

This year? I hope I would registered at an address in Scotland and able to give my support to the SNP. My hope would be that sufficient Scottish members would then sit in Westminster and remind the nation that in so many,many ways it’s time “tae think again”. 

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