Sunday, June 07, 2015

Game on!

With yesterday's Champions League final decided, the football season should be over. Not that I am a fanatical follower of the game as a rule. But this year the world of soccer has still more to offer. The Women's World Cup in Canada will prolong the sporting excitement of soccer, albeit with sexist media excesses to be expected.

Then theere is the thriller set in Zurich, starring Sepp Blatter and his avaricious posse! Truth once again beats fiction hands down.

Although were the story to be fictionalized, who better to do the job than Philip Kerr? For a very long time I've been a fan of his work. I very much doubt if I would have embarked on Chance of Reign without his Bernie Gunther novels in the back of my mind. As coincidence will have it, last week when seeking out a new Kindle Edition to read a new Philip Kerr title was proposed as a 'special EUR 1 deal'. How can a Scot resist a bargain?

And how very suitable that Kerr's story world in January Window (published last October) is not a German Kommissariat, but the arena of professional football.

Consider me highly satisfied with the workings of fate!

I wonder what Kerr would make of the lineup of characters below, assembled just down the road from Munich?


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