Saturday, July 04, 2015

Writer's woes

When I found progress on my latest fiction manuscript blocked, I turned back to my autobiographical musings. The advantage of devoting my efforts to this dubious undertaking is that I have no illusion that it can result in any earnings. Whenever the memoir is finished, it will be made available at no cost to anyone interested. Since I cannot claim to have the reproduction rights to many of the illustrations I have embedded, commercialization is precluded.

With my own original writing, the situation is of course entirely different. Nothing stands in the way of commercialization of my six Kindle titles... nothing apart from the fact that my books remain undiscovered by Amazon customers. For the first half of 2015 my royalties amounted to EUR 13.37. How pathetic.

Nevertheless I am now returning to my latest storytelling project. The reason is simple. I very much enjoy the company of my 'novel-inhabiting people'. They are much more interesting than the old git who occupies the 440 pages of the memoir. 

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