Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Rentrée et adieu

Today the forecast promises another day of cloudless sky and 30 degrees, but a change in the weather is due. Then on the first autumn breeze I shall hear the faint tolling of the school bell. I fear I have blogged about this every year, but it remains a fact that the arrival of September always makes me aware of the impending rentrée des classes.

This year is somewhat different. After two decades my daughter’s formal education is over… yesterday she submitted her MA dissertation at noon... in time to spend the afternoon with her posse sunbathing on the banks of the Eisbach. Her submission brought to an end five years of a wonderful adventure which started when Jessi commenced her three years of BA studies in at the University of Maastricht. There and afterwards at King’s College London, the language of instruction was English, her second language, and so I was able to help with the proofing and correction of essays and papers. I soon found myself reading much of what was assigned for her courses, discovering writers I had not hitherto encountered. I am currently totally fascinated by the work of Pierre Bourdieu!

Oh well, time to move on… for Jessi and for her Auld Da! 

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