Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Génération Bataclan

From Quartz newsfeed...
Génération Bataclan can be thought of as a global generation without borders–under threat everywhere that young people gather in the vibrant, mixed neighborhoods of the world’s most dynamic, liberal cities, to clink glasses, talk, dance to loud music, eat inexpensive foreign food and fall in love. That could mean London or New York, San Francisco, Jakarta, Berlin, Manila, Amsterdam, Sydney, Bangkok, Madrid, and more. The latest victims have been killed for the alleged 'crime' of being as carefree as you afford to can be in a contemporary job market and society where few have stable work.  November 13’s coordinated Paris massacres sent a message to young people across the world that they are targets. The under-40 crowd, wherever there is freedom of movement and spirit, are all Génération Bataclan.

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