Saturday, November 07, 2015

Voom, voom!

No, that's not my daughter in the photo, but bear with me. Jessi's job is confirmed. She's on the payroll of a high-profile Berlin start-up as of the middle of the month. Acceptable salary plus stock options... the usual kind of deal whether in Silicon Valley, Silicon Roundabout or Silicon Kiez.

So she has been spared the dreaded fate of the arts postgraduate. She will not be stacking shelves, driving a cab, waiting tables or struggling to survive in the 'gig economy'. 

Her contract does not, however, entitle her to a 'company car'... only an electrically-powered scooter made by the firm she'll be working for as Brand Campaign Manager in the User Insights Department. How cool! (Not that I felt anything less than cool on my Vespa in 1961!)

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