Friday, December 25, 2015

Festive fun

Do I appear astonished at my good fortune? I have a much loved daughter and a friendly ex-wife who conjoured up a tasty starter and my favourite dessert for before and after the Raclette which is an established family favourite and in our opinion beats any more traditional Christmas fare. That could have something to do with the Bodensee Obstler schnaps which must accompany the cheese dish!

My 'wish list' had only two entries... a bottle of Calvin Klein CK1 eau de toilette... a bottle of Gelenkinchie malt. But Jessi provoked with the unexpected gift of a Deutsche Bahn voucher which means that I'll be visiting her in Berlin around the time of my birthday next year... a wonderful prospect. 

Enough for today... in five minutes I simply must listen to the Queen! 

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