Friday, February 19, 2016

Simple really

So in a parking lot there's an automobile. An FBI agent is mightily frustrated, becausehe can't simply climb in and drive off in hot pursuit of a dastardly wrongdoer. He decides that this must be an option available to him. That cars are normally made with ignition and door locks installed, so that only the rightful owner can set the vehicle in motion, he sees as a mere fol-de-rol! 

"Our war against crime! Natioan security" Eminent domain!" the Feds cry. Such locking, they persist, is un-American, if not worse! For the benefit of the FBI such silly obstacles must be removed! What matter if in future such open and unprotected cars can be taken away by any Tom, Dick or Hamid.

Won't happen, of course. it would be the end of the auto industry.


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