Monday, July 04, 2016

Writing matters

Chance of Reign

It appears that my augmented version of Chance of Reign is now live as a Kindle edition... now a file of 2474 KB. By doubling the length of the manuscript, extending the storytelling beyond the opening of the 1936 Olympics on the 1st of August to almost the end of September, I may not have improved the quality of the work but I certainly enjoyed spending a good few months more with my fictitious characters. We shall see if any readers discover this version of the story I originally uploaded at the end of 2014.

Part of Evil

I wish I could claim that this tall tale in a work-in-progress but it would be more accurate to speak of an indefinite hiatus. That's what I get for building the storytelling around a dastardly plot to sabotage the institutions of the European Union, leaving crafty Americans and Russians highly pleased with themselves! At a time when truth is indeed stranger than fiction I suspect that Part of Evil must remain on the back burner for the forseeable future.

Sex & Drugs & Profiteroles

In order to remain active as a writer (and fill my Munich days) I am turning back to a project I abandoned after a hesitant online launch in 2006. Then Sex & Drugs & Profiteroles was configured for multi-media distribution, with audio-visual enhancements which would have been great fun. 

Now it will be another text-only Kindle title and I hope to have completed editing and formatting by summer's end. Readers of this blog will inevitably be kept informed. 

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