Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Sound withut fury

We sighed and smirked, misunderestimating what crass Bushisms could mean for the future. We chuckled at the preposterous uninformed and inarticulate utterings of the Alaska governor. "The news makes me sad ... so I don't watch it." That, at least, was Sarah Palin in prescient mode.

Now it appears that even Trump's most offensively egregious inanities fail to dismay his most loyal supporters. We're not laughing anymore, are we?

Did we avert our eyes when we were shown the preview... of an America, its standing in the world reduced to the posturing of an arrogant bully, 'open carry', stubborn self-congratulatory ignorance and a headlong march towards greatness little more than thuggish swagger? Can an authoritarian idiotocracy prevail? Could there be opposition to a formidably armed anti-inteligentsia, comfortable with weaponized mendacity?

If so, then Black, Hispanic and Asian American lives will matter not the slightest, and the fury of the excluded, repressed and ignored will in the fullness of time be frightening. Boats filled with refugees... thinking and sophisticated Americans... may brave the waters of the Atlantic. 

No... I exaggerate. I hope!

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Helene Brazier said...

I'm already hedging my bet, exploring where I can go if the worst happens! Living in Trump World is not an option.