Monday, August 29, 2016

Time flies

For pupils in several German states (although not here in Bavaria) the new school year has already commenced. For the youngsters a page turns, a new chapter begins, although I cannot explain why this annual transition still resonates with an old codger in his seventy-seventh year. Perhaps it is just the intimation of autumnal days to come.

However autumn seemed far off this weekend in Munich. Blue skies and hot sunshine seemed to have inspired many to make a final exodus from the city, leaving an amazing number of unoccupied parking spaces and empty café tables in my 'village'. I suppose I was slightly envious of those who could get away, but only until I thought of the horrendous traffic jams they would face when it was time to return!

What Jessi is facing in the first year of her professional career is the fact that there will be no more long vacations, those summer breaks in the academic calendar. However it seems that she is fully capable of making the most of weekends, enjoying the proximity of Berlin's many lakes and (if the pictures do not lie) having great fun with her posse!


Jessi said...

This back to school feeling is so present here too! Funny how such a childhood memory just stays. But enjoying the city while everybody is gone is almost as good as holidays ;) The best of course together... to be continued soon!

Jessi said...

This is amazing, having still this feeling from childhood. But enjoying the empty city is almost as good as holiday :)