Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Marcel Breuer

The Werkbund Neubühl model development located in the district of Wollishofen in Zurich was designed by a group of young Swiss architects, all of them born towards the end of the nineteenth century and at that time about thirty years old. The almost two hundred apartments were completed in 1932. One of the show flats was furnished with modernist pieces by one of my favourite designers, Marcel Breuer. 

Briefly in Paris I owned a row of Breuer theatre seats which I sold profitably. In Hamburg some pieces he created for Thonet gave my little flat a touch of class.

While on my virtual Amsterdam jaunt [see yesterday's post] I was researching the infuence of De Stijl on Marcel Breuer and came across the photo at the top of this story. And something quite unexpected struck me immediately. 

My Munich flat dates from 1963. It seems to me beyond any possible doubt that the builder had taken his inspiration from the Werkbund Neubühl architects. The configuration of balcony door, window and radiators appears conclusive. I find the notion very satisfying, for some reason.


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