Thursday, October 06, 2016


The film-within-a-film is an example of mise en abyme. The film being made within the film refers, through its mise en scène, to the real film being made. The narrative of the film within the film may directly reflect the one in the real film. In film the meaning also includes the idea of a dream within a dream. For example, a character awakens from a dream and later discovers that she or he is still dreaming. Activities similar to dreaming, such as unconsciousness and virtual reality, also are described as mise en abyme.

In retrospect I think it would have been a good title for my Tumblr site. It is certainly inspired branding by the Berlin craft distillers located just a short stroll from Jessica's flat. And she knew, of course, that I'd appreciate the graphics of the label almost as much as the contents of the bottle she mailed from her Kiez to this old man in Munich!

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