Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I confess

In the past I have stated that I hardly ever fail to finish any book I have purchased,with only two instances of capitulation that I can recall. My rationale has always been that as a writer I can learn even from reading a flawed novel, can recognize pitfalls to be avoided in my own work.

But yesterday I found it justifiable to give up after less than 20% of a books content had scrolled across my Kindle. By chance the 'purchase' in question had involved no financial outlay, the title having been proposed as a freebie via the BookBub bargain tracking website. I was at first sceptical about BookBub. In the meantime, however, I've seen not only the immediate pecuniary advantage but I have also made discoveries inducing me to buy at a normal price other books by a writer whose work I have enjoyed for free.

Last night, though, I had to give up on a book I had downloaded. It will not be named here, for there are surely readers who enjoy page after page of macho violence perpetrated by (or against) a pair of valiant US Marines who may (or may not) be unwittingly doing the bidding of a mysterious cabal who may (or may not) constitute a rogue element within the CIA! 

What a relief to be able to call up a well-crafted British police procedural as an antidote. If I want to wallow in violence and conspiracy theory machinations I have no need of Amazon... I can simply turn on the radio newscasts.

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