Saturday, November 26, 2016

Black Friday

The news headlines at 8 o'clock on the BBC 4 Today program were dominated by the death of Fidel Castro. But there was also a contribution from their Paris correspondent, reporting the suicide of David Hamilton at his little flat on Boulevard Montparnasse... which was also my office for so long.


Mme Catastrophe said...

David Hamilton a talented photographer of his time, what a tragedy.

Défense de David Hamilton said...

I am French and I do not speak very good English. But thank you for your blog and for your articles where David Hamilton is quoted. I would be happy to contact you. I share the opinion of the preceding comment, when he speaks of tragedy. I loved David Hamlton very much. I think I was the only person in France who opened a blog called "In Defense of David Hamilton".
The address of my blog is:
Another writer, Jean-Pierre Fleury, also defended David Hamilton on his blog: Na-pas-ete-assassin-publishes-the-14-december-2016-by-defensededavidhamilton /

I ask all the admirers of Davd Hamilton, all those who knew him, to contact me if they so desire. Thank you.

Défense de David Hamilton said...

Danke schön.
Grazie mille.
Thank you.

I have listed, on my blog, among the artefacts that are to be read on David Hamilton, your article "Black Friday".

The blog "en défense de David Hamilton" :


Jean-Pierre Fleury, french writer

Blog :

Défense de David Hamilton said...

Dear Sir, I have seen all the photos that you put on your site, the whole shows a vision of the world that I share and I congratulate you for their aesthetics, for their freedom of spirit, and for all the "philosophy" they imply, and which I share. You are a man of a certain age, certainly endowed with a great experience of life, but you have in you an eternal youth. I would be delighted to meet you at a distance and you can write to me, if you wish, a simple comment on my blog, with your e-mail address. I will answer you immediately. Personally, I hate taboos and lies, I love beauty, whether it is expressed by Leni Riefenstahl or by David Hamilton.
Best regards.

Macthomson said...

Please feel free to continue our conversation in French. It would be best if you emailed directly to my account at, rather than via the comment tool on my blog.