Friday, November 11, 2016

See you down the road...

"Unmatched in his creativity, insight and crippling candor, Leonard Cohen was a true visionary whose voice will be sorely missed."

As the sixties came to an end Suzanne was a track played almost daily in the office where I worked. The main reason was that I was infatuated with a girl of that name who was part of our boho clique of the time. 

Since my job was related to graphic design and layout I was anxious to learn and to be inspired and I was a regular buyer of the German magazine Twen. I still have the issue pictured. It 1970 it featured a portfolio of photographs interpreting Leonard Cohen's Suzanne. They had been taken by an unknown David Hamilton in whose work I found much that resonated with my Age of Aquarius sensibilities.

And so in many ways it was thanks to Suzanne... the sung one, the one who lived in Chelsea (wearing rags and feathers from Salvation Army counters) and the one captured with a Minolta on Ektachrome... that I was well prepared for my task when in 1975 I started working with Hamilton in Paris.

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