Thursday, November 17, 2016


This post is about shopping, truly! While it is a fact that my computer is online from about seven in the morning to about seven in the evening, I do shuffle to the shops on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to stock up on victuals.

When one is plagued by emphysema, the chronic shortage of breath which is the scourge of the ageing smoker, the distance to and from the shops becomes an issue. The break for espresso and beer before making the return journey is hence a matter to be considered.

Closest to my flat there's a corner shop with a limited range of staples. The waitresses at the very cosy and very Bavarian tavern at the top of the panel can supply the needed cigarettes.

The very kitsch Döner place is not that much further away, and has the advantage of being opposite the Netto discount supermarket where I do most of my regular shopping.

The ice cream parlour is my favourite place for a people-watching break and the longer walk (no, shuffle) justified when I feel able to splurge on premium cheeses instead of the industrial crap from the discounter!  

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