Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Web stuff

Finally after seven years of negotiations the impasse between YouTube and the German music copyright collection agency GEMA has been resolved... which is excellent news. This will bring to an end the frustration of finding content summarily blocked, often for reasons which are hard to fathom.

Today I have also taken steps to alleviate another frustration by opting to delete my Facebook account. I know, I only came back to the social network portal towards the end of September, but since then I have come to see the 'news feed' as an unrewarding distraction. It gives a perplexing glimpse into lives very different from my own and without much immediate relevance. The 'notifications' crowding my email inbox or displayed as infuriating pop-up messages shout information I really do not need. Call me a misanthrope if you will, but I find frankly that this blog is the only tool I really need to stay in touch with the world beyond my Munich flat. 

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