Saturday, January 07, 2017

Lentil soup

One hesitates to argue with an ex-wife, even one as helpful and amiable (albeit ferociously opinionated) as our daughter's mother. Hence I made no demur when Mickey counselled me to partake of Linsensuppe on Three Kings Day, claiming that adherence to this custom would ensure that there would be no shortage of money in the year ahead. My research hinted that the practice was more often associated with New Year's Day, but never mind... an Epiphany is always welcome!

In this instance, yesterday evening, the step towards enlightenment was the use for the very first time of the electric stove in my mini-kitchen!

In former times I could enjoy my daily meal as dinner served in a restaurant. When a few years back this became no longer an affordable option, I settled easily for a cold collation taken while relaxing in the comforting contours of my precious Genni armchair. However this is not a posture suited to the consumption of a bowl of heated-up tinned soup. I found myself obliged to serve my Linsensuppe at my desk, which felt quite odd.

But it tasted great!

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