Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Let's not forget David Cameron who slunk away from public life last year after the referendum he called had an outcome he never honestly anticipated. Remember him as the chancer who, supposedly in a Chicago airport pizza restaurant, decided that holding the Brexit vote would be a great way of pacifying the annoying jingoist xenophobes in his party.

That cavalier whim means that from tomorrow Her Majesty's Government and a bewildered Civil Service will have their hands full for years and years, mainly dealing with the unforseen consequences of Cameron's monstrous miscalculation. 

One day the dust will settle. We will be told by a competent and imaginative spokesperson that we British are free at last!

I wonder who could take on that egregiously counter-factual task? Comical Ali is no longer available. Maybe Herr Drumpf will let Downing Street borrow his uniquely qualified communications director?

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