Tuesday, March 21, 2017


"Double, double toil and trouble. 
Fire burn, and cauldron bubble." 

It didn't end well for Macbeth, did it? 

And yet, jesting apart, I do find myself obliged to think about the 'news bubbles' in which I feel comfortable. How very often in this blog there are references to something I've read in The Guardian. This surely evidences my personal preference for an information source which is politically of the centre left. I listen daily to BBC Radio 4, a channel often accused of having a comparable bias. 

Am I not, therefore, filtering my news as rigorously as any American watching Fox News or subscribing to the Breitbart feed? I am far from sure what conclusion I should draw in this regard. Perhaps being sure about anything is an anachronism in our twenty-first century 'post-truth' world.

I mean, Brexit might not be a complete catastrophe in which 'alternative facts' are added by the witches to the other repellent ingredients tossed into the cauldron!

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