Friday, March 03, 2017

Prospects positive

What could possibly be the significance of chocolate icecream? 

Partly it has to do with the fact that after the winter break, Eiscafé Venezia is open again. I have always taken this as a sign that we have the worst behind us and that we can look ahead with a certain hopeful optimism.

Not that this winter was particularly severe in Munich. Only in January was there snow and ice on Schwabing's pavements and for the whole month I was haunted by the fear that I might slip, fall and be injured in a manner that a man approaching his seventy-seventh birthday should avoid at all costs.

Survived that!

Hence yesterday I was free to look ahead, to outings for my habitual beer-and-espresso break at Kurfürstenplatz. Every year I resolve to break that habit at least once, by ordering icecream and a Coca Cola. Hence yesterday's excellent chocolate ice set a marker for 2017!

There was also something to celebrate, Jessi's arrival in town for a long weekend. And the weather forecast promises a precocious 18 degrees for my birthday tomorrow.

Things are definitely looking up!

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