Sunday, April 02, 2017


It seems that I came up with this graphic in 2006, when I was working in the Sandlands and convinced that there were still things I could look forward to achieving.

But since then I have returned to Europe, to find that in Munich 'attitude' is an irrelevance unless it is perceived by others. My quite isolated and indeed borderline misanthropic lifestyle means that there are no real-world witnesses of any beguiling eccenticities I might display!

Nor does genteel penury help in this regard. I leave my flat only to do the needed modest shopping and if while out and about I allow myself a beer-and-espresso break, then it is taken in an establishment not in any way conducive to real-life networking. Add into the equation the fact that persons of my age are as good as invisible for society at large.

I had long believed that online presence in a strictly digital world could disguise advanced age and allow me to enjoy meaningful interaction with others. I fear this was an illusion. Whither, then, attitude

I'm not at all sure. Is it a quality I must cultivate and cherish while my ageing continues for many a year to come? Or is it all too silly, given that there are no promises made in respect of longevity. I feel an uncertain empathy with a certain confused feline! 


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