Monday, April 17, 2017

Reading Matters

Any reader addicted to crime and espionage thrillers will quickly become used to storytelling in which certain universities play a role. I cannot support my assertion with statistics, but my feeling is that Oxford and Cambridge predominate in this respect. 

Imagine, therefore, my surprise to discover that my own alma mater, Southern Methodist University in Dallas, and the city's Highland Park enclave, feature In Mark Giminez's book Absence of Guilt

...The Independent
"One of the writers whose work is most often compared (favourably) with Grisham's, is Mark Gimenez. While, however, the new Gimenez novel trades in legal thriller territory, its ambitions are much wider. An Isis attack on the United States is thwarted when the FBI discovers a plan to detonate explosives during the Super Bowl in Dallas. Two dozen conspirators are indicted by a federal grand jury, including the hypnotic and influential Muslim cleric Omar Al Mustafa. But there is a problem - a conspicuous lack of evidence against the hate preacher. And newly appointed US districtjudge A. Scott Fenney has a dilemma:  if Scott sets him free, will there be devastating consequences?  This is Gimenez at epic length, but thepages turn with great rapidity."

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