Monday, April 10, 2017

Sitooterie time

With her iPhone Jessi managed yesterday evening to include in this quirky shot of Pa and Ma her own 'thumbs up' gesture. It indicates her approval of the fact that for the first time this year the family (and there's Felix, the black Labrador, under the table) was able to gather at an outside table, under trees now showing healthy new leaves. Munich heaves a sigh of relief!

It was only a quick weekend visit and Berlin calls Jessi back to work. But there, too, the sitooteries of the capital await their hipster clientele.  

Sitooterie: The word is a Scots colloquial term, though not a common one in print. It means a place to sit out in a summerhouse, a gazebo or the terrace of a cafĂ©. It comes from 'sit' plus 'oot' (a Scots pronunciation of 'out') plus the noun ending '–erie' of French origin  familiar from words like menagerie and rotisserie.

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