Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Writing matters

As the first half-year comes to an end it is not inappropriate to consider my earnings as a writer. There have been some buyers for my books, my Kindle royalties amounting to a total of EUR 8.93 for the semester.

Oh well!

Not that I'm too worried by the thought that my writing is so bad that this result is deserved. On the contrary, the quality of my work persuaded an author based on the other side of the Atlantic that I should fact-check and 'ghost write' some passages of a story set in Germany in the 1940s. This editing has earned me US$ 450!

I also note that during the half-year I have downloaded 67 Kindle titles. Almost all of these have been English-language works and I think that in only two or three instances I was unable to finish the e-book.  

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