Monday, July 24, 2017

Je ne regrette rien

It was probably my best Tour ever. On each single race-day of the event, I checked in to watch the départ of the stage, returned mid-afternoon to keep abreast of developments and made sure I didn't miss the excitement of the finish. 

I feel as if I've enjoyed a three-week virtual French vacation! Complaints? Only with regard to the inanity of most of the advertising interrupting the broadcasting on the Eurosport channel. There is a German men's shampoo I swear I shall never buy!

On the plus side, I think I've become more fascinated than before about cycle racing as a sport, not just an excuse for airborne cameras to overfly the ancient manors, castles, fortresses, churches, cathedrals and chapels of la belle France. I sort of plan to watch the coverage of the Vuelta next month!

In the meantime, I think the photo embedded below is my favourite from this year's Tour. Could the girl on horseback ask for a more eloquent souvenir of a precious, fleeting and simply delightful moment?

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