Thursday, July 06, 2017

MacGuffin found!

A MacGuffin denotes any justification for the external conflictual premise of a work of fiction. In my novel Chance of Reign the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin served this purpose to a large extent. Until yesterday I had no idea of what device might do the job for the sequel, outlined but not yet drafted. 

And then the inspiration! What the Olympics were for Chance of Reign, the Tour de France and the Deutschlandrundfahrt events of 1937 will be for the continuation of the story.

What team of racing cyclists will be using the twelve stages of the 1937 event for nefarious ends in the German cities visited? Will Matthew Wyatt, alias Matthias Veidt, get to the bottom of the conspiracy to the satisfaction of his handlers? And who will they be, British or German spymasters?

What fun!

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