Saturday, August 26, 2017

To boldly go

In the daily drama series Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten he has played the role of Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim 'Jo' Gerner since February 1993. Bahro and his role as the egoistic, power-hungry attorney, a schemer and for many the German J.R. Ewing, became the identification of the show and remains uncontested in this respect after almost twenty-five years. On Monday episode 6,328 will go on the air! My first day as Line Producer of GZSZ was in June 1994, taking responsibility from episode 561

Wolfgang was one of the actors who made me feel welcome from my first day on the job, although he may have been a bit disappointed that I did not share his passion for Star Trek.

Why this post? Because of late the RTL network has been obliged to quash rumours of the role of Jo Gerner being written out of the series. 

The news magazine Focus reported yesterday that, on the contrary, the broadcaster has extended Wolfgang’s contract permitting the confirmed Trekkie ‘to boldly go’ for a further five years.

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