Sunday, September 10, 2017


How trivial they are, any complaints about inconveniences, shortcomings or troubles experienced in the tranquility of a peacefully autumnal Schwabing-West. The lunchtime newscast reports of Hurricane Irma's arrival in Florida.

Holidaymakers returning from devastated islands will have stories to tell when they reach the safety of their homelands. 

Residents of the Sunshine State must not only pray that they survive the life-threatening weather phenomenon but must thereafter endure long months of chaos while the battered infrastructure is mended.

The people themselves will need mending, too. I have an online friend who lives just north of Miami, a client actually, for whom I undertake manuscript editing. When will the power be restored so that she can read and comment on the latest changes to her story that I have proposed? Is she, and her two newly acquired kittens, safe from the caprices of the forecast tornadoes?

On a less personal note, will inundation at Mar-a-Lago persuade Herr Drumpf that climate change is a reality?

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